The holidays are a time of family gathering, laughter, good food and let’s face it a lot of stress for some of you. Well, you survived the holidays and are probably settling back into your routine. I am guessing a few of you have new gifts that you are enjoying, too. Some big — think new car, a gun or jewelry and some small — a new camera or electronic device. Did you call your insurance agent to make sure those new toys are covered? No, don’t feel bad most people don’t think to add gifts to their insurance policies right away.

However, now that the holidays are over it is time to think about your insurance and your new toys. If you received a small gift then you may have enough coverage already on your policy. If it was a bigger gift; new car, jewelry or artwork, a new gun or ATV you are going to want to get those added to your policy as soon as possible.

Why? Well, let’s look at a worst case scenario because what I do as your agent is work really hard to give you piece of mind on your worst days. So imagine this…you got a brand new ATV for Christmas. You haven’t called to add it to your policy, but it is nice outside and you decide to just take it for a test drive. Something goes wrong and you hit a tree. No one is hurt, but the ATV is beyond repair. That is a no fun day, right? Now imagine the same scenario, but you did call your agent. Instead of this being a terrible day you quickly call your agent, turn in the claim and you will be back up and running in no time. So while it is still a no fun day, it isn’t devastating financially to your family.

The New Year is always a good time to take inventory so to speak for insurance purposes. Were there any items you sold that need to be removed from your policy? Were there new purchases or gifts that we need to get added to your policy? Not sure what is even covered on your policy? Give us a call at 800-516-3322 and we can let you know and walk you through your options.

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