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Life insurance, offered by the independent insurance agents of Walker-Winter Insurance, is insurance coverage designed to be there for your loved ones when you cannot be there, offering financial peace of mind during an otherwise difficult time.

The reasons people buy life insurance are as varied as the types of coverages available:

  • Some people buy life insurance to provide funds for things like final expenses and anticipated tax obligations after their deaths and to pay debts, such as mortgage loans, allowing their loved ones to stay in their homes without added stress.
  • Others buy life insurance as a means of providing funds to help pay for future expenses if they cannot be there to pay for things like college education for their children.
  • Still others choose life insurance as a means of providing funds that can help make up for the loss of their income after death, easing the financial burden on survivors.
  • Missouri residents have some choices when it comes to life insurance coverage. Policies can be designed to last a lifetime (generally referred to as “whole life” or “universal life” coverage, or to provide coverage for a specific number of years (commonly known as “term insurance.”)
  • Policy types and coverage levels should always be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. As independent insurance agents, our insurance professionals work with many insurers and can help find a policy that both meets your need for coverage, and meets your budget.
  • Contact the experienced, independent, Columbia, MO life insurance agents at Walker-Winter Insurance today to review your coverage needs and to discuss options to provide financial peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

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