There are times in your life when you might take a gamble such as on a game with friends or a fantasy football league or maybe a day out at the casino. These are choices you make and you usually know exactly what the risk is in each scenario. How much you stand to lose is usually the money you put in or amount you stand to lose is known in advance.


Would you put your future up in a gamble? What about your most valued possessions? Your home or your car? You or your family and their financial security?


No! You would never knowingly do this to yourself or your family. But how do you know that you are not?


As I mentioned earlier you know the stakes when you willingly gamble. The trip to Vegas where you took $1000. What did you have to lose? $1000 is all and you knew that going in. You hoped you would win, but were comfortable with that amount of loss. But would you gamble if the risk was losing your home, all of your

assets or your car? Let’s chat about these real life scenarios.


When you are talking about your life it is more than how much you have to lose. You have to start thinking about “What if…”. Imagining the worst case scenarios is not really fun, but it may save you from gambling with your life and the life of those you love. You may be thinking that nothing like that can affect me. I have insurance. Do you have enough? Let’s look at some scenarios that could and do happen every day.



Scenario #1: You are heading to work in the morning and running a few minutes behind so you try to slip through on that yellow light, but it turns red as you are going through the intersection. Happens every day to someone, right? However, today when you go through the intersection you hit another car because their light was green. You broadside that car and then later find out that someone in that car was famous and makes millions of dollars each year and now they cannot work because of the that accident. Maybe not forever, but for a little while they are out of work. That person is suffering both economic loss and enduring pain. How much will this cost you? EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.


Scenario #2: Reverse the situation. You are hit and cannot work. What kind of hardship would this cause you or your family. What would you lose? For some of you, the answer to this question is…




Does this sound like a good way to gamble or a fun way to gamble? Can insurance protect you from everything? Nope. We all have to take some risks because even if we could protect everything most of us would not be able to afford it. So what do you do? You find out what all the risk is and then settle in where you are comfortable like with that poker game with you friends. When you know that risk you can feel comfortable with the potential loss.


For example, if you live in a flood zone do you have flood insurance? Some of you may say yes, but most of you will say no. Why? It is because there hasn’t been a flood in x number of years so you are willing to take the risk to save the money each month. Right? Or did you think you were covered? Most homeowners policies do

not cover water damage from a flood. Did you know that? Was this a risk that you are knowingly taking or do we need to have a discussion.



Basic Tips:



Be a smart consumer, which you are doing by reading this book. I put this book together to help you become a smart consumer. In the coming chapters you will find information about the different types of insurance and how you can best protect yourself and your family.


Talk to a professional
Insurance is not something you can get and then ignore because life changes and your situation changes
so make sure you are always talking to your insurance agent about what you need coverage for and maybe what you don’t need anymore. 


Make sure you have enough.

How much is enough? That number is different for each of you. It depends on what you have and what you want to protect. For example, if you have 500,000 in net worth. That’s exactly what you have to lose. Insurance can cost just a few hundred dollars over the course of the year to go from 100,000 in coverage to 500,000 in coverage. Ask us how.


Finding the right insurance company for the right price.
Whether we are talking about auto insurance or home insurance there are many different companies and many different types of coverage. You don’t need to understand all of those, but you do need to trust your insurance agent and make sure they are giving you all of the options. Your insurance agent knows you and your situation so they can quickly filter through all the options and present you with the very best options. Ultimately, this is all your decision and depends on what risk you are willing to assume.
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